When is the deadline?
See Order Form.

Can I submit an ad after this date, why not?
Probably not. The ads are due at the beginning of the year because the yearbook company needs a page count by the beginning of November. They also need to be alphabetized. Ads not submitted by due date, if accepted, may be placed at the end of all the ads.

Can I design my page?
No, Design and layout of all ads will be completed by the yearbook staff. Please download an order form that describes the procedures for submitting your ad.

Is everything required, pictures, letter/message, and payment, when I turn in the ad and is the ad considered late if everything is not turned in?
Yes. If items are missing, based on past experience, the chances of MISTAKES are INCREASED. It’s very difficult to hunt down missing items from each parent who submits an ad. Please submit all items and payment by the deadline date. Ads with missing items may be placed at the end of all the ads.

Do I need to scan my photos?
No. I will scan the photos and return them.

Can I submit digital photos?
No, after creating the ads since digital photos have taken over film, I have had too many low-quality digital photos submitted. I don’t have time to call parents/guardians and coordinate low resolution photo re-submission. All digital photos must be submitted as prints for scanning.

How do I submit the ads?
You can submit photographs (they will be scanned and returned), a print out of your personal letter/message, payment and the order form in an envelope to the CCHS office. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT that you email the personal letter/message to swillette@gmail.com. Paste your message in the body of the email; please include your son or daughter’s name in the subject line.

Can I submit color photocopies or inkjet printouts?
No, the quality is not good enough for the yearbook. Please have digital photos sent to a photo processor and submit the prints.

How many words can I have in my personal letter/message?
125 words for a full page and 50 for a half page.

Does it have to be exactly 125 or 50 words?
If you have to go over please make it very close to required amount.

When will I get all my photos back?
A month or two before the end of the year.

Can I see a proof of the ad?
I’m sorry, but no. I have someone who helps me proof the ads. I would miss my deadlines if I waited for parents to return proofs.

I have twins or two students who are graduating this year; can I purchase one ad and have them both in that ad?